Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These things make me happy right now

okay first, no one is more excited about DM now playing for the good guys. this off-season has been awesome so far and something tells me there's more fireworks to come. big ups to da skins right now, keep the momentum moving.
I do wanna shift gears and discuss something more important RIGHT NOW. the Capitals, i mean what a run we are having. tonight is game 4 of the Capitals taking on the Canadians. after the thrashing we gave them in game 3 it feels like the series is already locked up.
3 years ago this was not a hockey town. don't get me wrong, there have always been die hard Caps fans, they've just had nothing to cheer about in a while. plus this is the first time since i can remember when we've had the league's best athlete on a washington team. like a Kobe Bryant or a Adrian Peterson. so it's very exciting and new, therefore bringing many new fans towards the game. i must admit i am one of the and will now be a hockey fan for life. that's how exciting Ovi is to watch.


this is how women picture you when you wear cargos. the weather is warming and shorts weather is here. i look around and all i see are Dbags still wearing cargos. Seth from Superbad said it best; "no one has been laid wearing cargos since Nam." seriously tho, i am trying to help my fellow brethren here. i do understand the concept of them, they're convenient, they hold lots of stuff comfortably in our pockets. for god sakes, you're a man, start acting like it. we travel light, if you carry a lot of stuff buy a purse cuz you're a vagina. real talk. get your shit together is 2010 let's start acting like it by dressing like it. that is all for now

Monday, April 12, 2010

Savvy Media

Okay, everyone KNEW this was coming. It bugs me how the media molds and shapes what we think and how we feel. When we saw Tiger win the Open just before his father passed, the cameras show Tiger hugging his father and lead us to believe that there's a deeper bond, something more than just father and son. So we decide that Tiger Woods is a family man, a wholesome man, a man who is not capable of having numerous sexual relationships with multiple women outside of his marriage. Even though that is exactly the truth.
Now that Philly "cheesesteak" "tits mcgee" Mickelson just won his fourth Masters, the cameras zoom in on Phil hugging his wife Amy who we all know is struggling with the fight against cancer and they, the media, portray Phil to be this wholesome family man supportive of his wife and a loving father to his family. What if I told you that there are MANY rumors of Phil and his wife Amy being notorious swingers or that Phil has rumored to have an illegitimate child in Ohio somewhere and skips a PGA event every year just to avoid going there. I am not making this up, you can find these words I'm writing several other places on the www. Does it make them true? Does is make Phil and his wife and less deserving of their accomplishments?
More importantly, does it make you view Tiger any differently?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Tiger Commercial

okay, this is awesome. Nike set out to make a thought provoking video and that's exactly what they did. whether you agree with Earl Woods scolding Tiger from the grave or not, this commercial has got media all over the world talking about it. Tight advertisement Nike, big ups...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

where da E at?

old school house is always a nice change


i don't even like cats and found this clever


Dear Mr Jesse James,
Thank you. Thank you for being such a Dbag and ruining prolly the best thing that will ever happen to you. You went from being with a stripper to having America's #1 sweetheart under your arm and on your way to becoming a household name yourself. And what do you throw it all away for? Another whore with horrible inkwork.
A lot of people may think I am hating on you but i'm actually so thankful for you. You have taken most of the attention away from my boy Tiger so he can now focus on winning the Masters. So from the bottom of my heart, you huge Dbag, thank you.

if you don't like lighthouses you suck

ok, so i've heard several stories about this audio clip. the original rumor i heard was this guy was stuck in a closet on shrooms and his friend decided to record him. which is funny. the other story i heard is the guy was completely sober doing a spoof of some jersey shore guy messed up. who knows the truth? maybe you do. if so leave a comment and fill us all in

Great new spring music

oh shit, jay and snoop on the same track? i can deal with that

Saturday, March 27, 2010

speaking of fights...

those are those who cause trouble and those who are ready for it


this is nuts. i hope that catcher gets suspended for the rest of the season. it's the worst display of sportsmanship i have ever seen

slightly modified and much better

hear my girlfriend's commentary? very quiet, yet very opinionated on my swing. i like how the very second she doubts it, i nut the drive 300 yds

Friday, March 26, 2010

just in case you were wondering.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


does this ever get old?


if you've ever played basketball, you've played with one of these guys


okay so we haven't talked tiger yet. why not? cuz we're still waiting. patiently waiting to see how he's gonna bounce back. i have not doubt he will return to golf and dominate the sport just like he always has, but how long will it take for him to "get back on the horse"? how long will it take him to block out the chants and snickers from the crowd, to focus in on the task at hand? the masters is certainly a good stage set for him to return. i hope he beats everyone by 5 strokes, which is a lot for the masters. i would love to see it. i am a huge fan and supporter of his and will continue to be, unless he really drops the ball again.
i love to hear all the tiger jokes and haters. it's actually how i judge how well i'm doing. the more haters you have the more successful you've become. look at president Bush for crying out loud.
well time will tell and i can't wait, may even have to take off the thursday and friday first two rounds.....


This is Ben Hogan aka "the man" showing you how it's done. what makes this so great you ask? the fact that the golf swing that he is discussing was developed by him throughout his life and finalized in the 50s and it still holds true to this day. when you go to a local golf pro, a lot of what he teaches you is based off of what this man is saying. if you ever want golf lesson save yourself the time and money and just buy Ben Hogan's book The 5 Fundamentals of Golf. Best $12.95 you can spend

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

golden jetski

i don't get enough of this guy. if you don't think it's funny the first time, just watch it once more, cuz it's twice as funny the second time

No disrespect to kitty kats

this guy is fucking hilarious! someone told me he was coming out with his own comedy special, i hope so!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nice Hand! About $900 in winnings

This picture was taken in AC (that's Atlantic City to the layperson), uncle Heffer won $900 and some change playing 3 card poker in one hand. not bad Heff. I live in Reston Va, that's the burbs about 20 mins outside DC. Now, Charlestown WV (only an hour away) has announced that as of July 1st, they will now have table games available. I'm so excited, I haven't been this excited about anything since my last X-mas when i still believed in Santa. less than four months and counting.....

I'm famous kid

This is Johnston Wagner, he came in to guest bartend with me one awesome Sunday night back in September 2009. It was a golf charity fundraiser we were doing at the bar I worked for. He was in town for an event, i believe tiger's at&t, and he ended up guest tending with me. He knows a member at RTJ so i ended up caddying for him the following Tuesday as well. Very cool golfer and down to earth. He has become m favorite golfer to follow now. Go WAGS!!!!

True story

funny bit on the history of golf

Funny ass comedian

If you haven't heard of this guy, you tube him now

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Puttin' the G in Golf

Here's a gem of Heffer and I at the Caddie/Maintenace tourney

there's bad and there's really bad